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GABA-A Alliance welcomes you to join our cause. We are dedicated parents of children who are affected by a GABA-A related disease. We are committed to improving the quality of life for our children by raising awareness, establishing a community of support & education, and streamlining research & development through partnerships with industry professionals, grassroot campaigns, and networking. 

We are stronger together, we are GABA-A Alliance!

Meet the kids!

GABA-A Alliance has united with families from all over the world. We welcome you to join our community of like-minded parents who are looking for treatment solutions for their children. Visit our Resources and Let's Talk page for more information about joining our community.


Medical Research

Community Outreach


Our Focus

Our Vision

The mission of GABA-A Receptor Alliance is to improve the lives of individuals affected by GABA-A genetic disorders through advocacy, connecting families and building support networks, and coordinating with scientific research.  We aim to unite the various GABA-A receptor disorders across the globe to advance this mission.

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